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Al Holen, Joe Smith, Tom Wintczak, Jon Fuchs Jamie Williams and more are featured in the consignment area in the gallery!  Come in to view and purchase their work.  Artwork is rotated frequently in our consignment shop, so please stop in often to see the new works in the gallery and consignment shop.

Note to Artist Members: If possible, please email photographs of your works that are in our consignment shop to [email protected] to see your work here on our website. Thank you.

Click on the following link for our Gallery Shop Guidelines.

Gallery Shop Terms and Conditions

Click the photos to enlarge and get a better look at all of these wonderful artist’s works! More works to come so check back soon!

Alisa (Al) Holen

Flying V Saki Set

$110 (SOLD)

Penny MacLeod

Painted Vase



Chris Wilke

Hephaistion Reliquary



Chris Wilke

Why Can’t I Feel Pretty?



Joe Smith

Bottle Vase

$40 (SOLD)


Chris Wilke

Templum Vesta Lantern



Hope Koontz & Jason Drake

Little Red Inside Her Head (Best of Show Winner – Art in the City Exhibition)



Alisa (Al) Holen




Tom Wintczak

13″ Bird Platter, s graffiti



Al Holen

Grey Cloud Saki Set



Jon Fuchs

Reflections of Evansville



Brizaidia Medina-Vega

Human Nest



Jon Fuchs

Main Street

Watercolor Print



Jon Fuchs

Freedom Fighters

Watercolor Print


Jon Fuchs

Transient Traveler

Watercolor Print

Pricing Information to Come

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